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Saturday, 21 April 2012

10 Facts That Will Make You Say WOW


Let's Start 

1 . Do you like Batman ? If the answer is yes , then I have good news for you . Jeng jeng jeng  there is  a Batman themed hotel room in Taiwan ...WOW ! 

Say WOW 

2 . Before the 193o , pink was considered a boys color while blue a girls color .
But now it is upside down *maybe* haha

Blue and pink color 

3 . Who have mustache ? Raise your hand haha :) Okay .
The word 'mustache' comes from Latin root mustacium which mean conveniently stored supply of extra food . 

Conveniently stored supply of extra food :)

4 . 95 % of people text things they could never say in person . 

5 . Math anxiety is a psychological disorder which causes stress and anxiety when doing math problems . I have this problem haha 

6 . In Ancient Greece , throwing an apple to a women was considering a marriage proposal . WOW this's weird haha

7 . There is a 24-hour cupcake vending machine in Los Angeles , California . WOW I like this .

I want this haha :)

8 . A group of crows is called a  murder .

Murder ? Oh okay haha

9 . Litening to music keeps mind active and memories alive . I love music oh yeah .

10 . A baby octopus can be as small as your fingertip . WOW