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Friday, 23 November 2012

Storylane and MyCityCuisine

Here's the email from Jonathan Gheller :)

First of all , Thanks Jonathan Gheller for introduced me about Storylane
For those who read this should use Storylane :)


Because it's awesome where is you can share your own story to other people in the whole world and they can rate your story whether to like , laugh , wow , inspiring , I am move , Been there , Agree , Disagree and Want . They also can share your story on facebook and twitter . The other is they're able to give you an opinion . Futhermore they can ask you to tell a story in some of topic that  had been given by Storylane... Of course , you can choose it . The last one is they can follow you on Storylane (Just like Twitter where is it have a follower and following)

Wanna use Storylane?
Click this

Here's the email from Daniel Maxian 

Okay , as you can see that's from Daniel Maxian who is a contributer at . So , if you searching a great recipe you should Click this . You can search a recipe based on cities and countries . It's easy :)
Futhermore you can install MyCityCuisine iPhone App ... Whoa it's interesting.. Let's try it 

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