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Friday, 6 April 2012

Polyandry ...

What is polyandry ?

What is polyandry ?

What is polyandry ?

Are you ready to know the meaning of polyandry ?

Jeng Jeng Jeng (sound effect hihi )

Polyandry is when one women married with two or more husband at the same time which known as fraternal polyandry . Say 'wow ' haha :)

People are practicing polyandry . WOW 

What is fraternal polyandry ?

Fraternal polyandry is also termed adelpogamy and it is accepted as a social practices in certain areas of Tibet and Nepal . Polyandry in human relationship occurs or has occurred in Tibet , The Canadian Arctic , northern parts of Nepal , Nigeria , Bhutan , Nymba , Sri Lanka , Rajasthan , Ladakh , Zanskar (mostly in India ) . 

It is also encountered in some region of Yunnan , Sichuan region of China ,    in some Sub-Saharan African such as Maasai people ( in Kenya and northern Tanzania  ) and American indigenous communities . 

Polyandry has also been practiced in several cultures which is Jaunsar - Bawar region in Uttarakhand , Toda of South India and Nishi of Arunachal Pradesh . But now, polyandry is seldom encountered .

Saskatchewan Canada is the only jurisdiction in North America to have ' judicially sanctioned ' polyandrous unions at a family law court level . However , there is no determination in their law that polyandry specifically is allowed, rather the statute content is non genderized .

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